Desserts For Weight Loss: 6 Recipes That Are Healthy And Yummy

When you are on a weight loss diet, cravings can be a big problem. They can hit you at any time. What’s more, they can also tempt you towards foods that you must not be having. Sweet cravings can be especially hard to deal with. Most desserts are extremely high in refined sugar, which has an adverse impact on our overall health. Too much added sugar can also be bad for our weight loss journey. So what must you opt for? You should be relying on healthy homemade desserts. We have listed down six easy recipes to get you started. As always, remember that moderation is key. Even natural substitutes for refined sugar are not good in excess.
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Can You Have Desserts And Still Lose Weight?


Many desserts tend to be high in refined sugar and need to be avoided. Photo Credit: Pexels

Embarking on a weight loss journey often implies bidding farewell to the beloved foods that bring us joy. However, what if we told you that you can have your desserts and lose weight too? With a little ingenuity in your approach, it’s entirely feasible to adhere to your diet plan while savouring your favourite sweet treats.
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Do Indian Desserts Increase Weight?


Many Indian desserts are not suitable for a weight-loss diet. Photo Credit: Pexels

In the realm of irresistible delights, Indian sweets hold a captivating allure. Whether succumbing to the insistence of doting relatives or simply surrendering to their delectable flavours, jalebis, rasgullas, gulab jamuns, and more weave a mesmerizing spell. However, it’s crucial to recognize the flip side of this sugary saga. These delectable treats, while undeniably tantalising, harbour a hidden cost. Laden with calories and capable of raising cholesterol levels, they pose a challenge to maintaining a healthy balance. Fret not, we have curated a list of delicious weight-loss-friendly desserts that will not just pamper your taste buds but will also keep your weight-loss journey on track.

Weight Loss Diet: 6 Healthy And Delicious Dessert Recipes You Must Try

1. Chickpea Chocolate Cream


A nutritionist recently shared a healthy way to make chocolate cream. Photo Credit: Pexels

Who doesn’t love a nice chocolatey dessert? If you think all of them are off-limits, you’re wrong. Nutritionist Pooja Makhija has shared a nutritious way of making a unique chocolate dessert. This ‘cream’ is actually made using chickpeas! This protein-rich dessert uses unflavoured cocoa powder for flavouring. Watch the recipe video and read its benefits here.

2. Ragi Oats Laddoo

Oats are one of the most popular weight loss ingredients. You can use them to make all kinds of yummy snacks, dishes as well as desserts – don’t just stick to porridge. This particular laddoo combines the goodness of ragi and oats to make a wholesome treat. No refined sugar is used! Instead, it derives its sweetness from dates and honey. You will also detect a hint of coconut and cardamom. Find the full recipe here.

3. Dates and Cashew Balls


These no-ghee cashew ‘laddoos’ are quite easy to make. Photo Credit: Pixabay

This 4-ingredient dry fruit ball makes for an amazing dessert as well as an anytime snack. Since this is a vegan recipe, extra virgin coconut oil is used. If you want a ghee-free laddoo, then opt for this recipe. You can make this unique treat in under 30 minutes. Here’s the complete recipe.

4. Pumpkin Oats Cake

Who said you had to give up cake completely? This healthy pumpkin oats cake is full of fibre and nutrients. Jaggery is used to sweeten this unique delicacy. Rather than plain maida, whole wheat flour, oats and a little semolina form the base of the batter. Bonus: this is an eggless dessert. Click here for the recipe.

5. Carrot Cake Pancakes

These delicious pancakes are made using grated carrot, oat flour and almond/soy milk. They are delicately flavoured with ginger and nutmeg. Make sure to use organic maple syrup to make these carrot pancakes, as many commercially available ones are high in added sugar. Click here for the recipe.

6. Jamun Mint Popsicles

Who doesn’t like feasting on icy popsicles, especially in summer? This particular version can be made with or without sugar. If you want a different way to enjoy jamuns, then try making these cool popsicles. Apart from being weight-loss-friendly, they are also a rich source of vitamin C. Here’s the full recipe.

Weight loss diet or not, now you know how to beat those sweet cravings in a healthy manner.
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